Jill: Should we start the week with some ‘thank you’s’?

Lill: I always like being thanked and am pleased you’re choosing this bright Monday morning to publicly declare your appreciation of me after so many years of friendship.

Jill: Erm…I meant that we should thank the two fabulous bloggers that nominated us for the Kreativ and Inspirational Blogger Awards….

Lill: Oh sure, them too.

Jill: The Happy Runner and her inspirational blog on running in London and living healthy has nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Lill: We’ve begun a strict regimen of living vicariously through the Happy Runner and feel healthier just following her (we suggest you do the same).

Jill: The Inspirational Blogger Award came our way from the wonderful weirdo whose brilliance and wisdom is captured on I’m Not Lost, Just Weird.

Lill: Ah yes, a recent discovery and new banter buddy – inspirational humour and insight turned upside down and inside out with polka dots – both amusing and effective.

Jill: Many thanks to you both – our creativity drives us and we take great pleasure in finding humour in everyday happenings. The statement we attempt to convey is a modest one, by making the seemingly mundane memorable. If amusement and inspiration can be derived from our lightheartedness (and sometimes inappropriateness) we are humbled.

Lill: *Rolls eyes* Yeesh Jillian – we’re not applying to become Oprah’s next pet here…

Jill: Hey, I’m allowed to take a serious moment every now and then! Besides, I wanted to show some gratitude and appreciation for what these awards represent.

Lill: Fine…now that we’re all bored and falling asleep on our keyboards can we move on before QWERTY leaves a permanent imprint?

Jill: *Sigh* Ok, both awards ask that we share seven more tidbits, though I feel less secure every time we do this…

Lill: That’s because I’ve been using it as an opportunity to disclose your embarrassing habits – I’ll be good this time, promise.

Jill: *Crosses arms*

Lill: One, Jill is the BEST pancake maker in the world…ever; two, the class hamster died on my weekend home in fourth grade…and that’s all I have to say about that; three, I eat chocolate chips out of the bag regularly; four, Jillian has over 30 pairs of boots; five, I actually date more than Jill we just don’t talk about it; six, I have an uncle that steals sugar packs and jam containers from restaurants…there is an entire drawer devoted to them in his kitchen; seven, sometimes Jill drinks light beer (the really bad kind) when I’m not home and thinks I don’t know about it. Fin!

Jill: …I feel like I’m learning more about us every week – and you knew about the beer, really?

Lill: No, it was a guess but thanks for confirming that you can take the girl out of the hick town but you can’t take the hick beer out of the girl.

Jill: *Grumble* …We also need to give shout outs to others spreading the awesome, which again is somewhat tricky as we’ve only just arrived at the blogparty – BUT, we’ll make some serious rounds this week and pump out some nominations on Friday.

Lill: Everyone deserves a little lovin’ at the end of the week.

Jill: Many thanks again for the nods and cheers to our supporters for taking those bribes – we know we can count on you!


About Lill and Jill

We are Lillian and Jillian; best friends and roommates. We blog to capture the seemingly trivial moments of thought and expression that make us smile; the often-times ridiculous way we see the world and how we live in it. We ask that you think well of us despite our propensity for drinking saccharine-laden alcoholic beverages, affection for 90′s boy-bands, and regular inappropriateness.

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  1. Nowan Zen says:

    30 pair of boots? REALLY? How many feet do you have? You aren’t a sideshow freak are you?

    Bad light beer? *sigh* *rolls eyes* seriously, you really need to get out more! While you’re out, I will sneak in and replace it with GOOD beer! Something truly belch-worthy!

    • I wear boots everyday if I can (even in the summer months) – it’s an addiction and ongoing problem but Lill gave me the entirety of the hall closet so I’m good for another six months! And yes…bad light beer – but only sometimes…J

      • Nowan Zen says:

        There’s a group that can help you with your addiction. Boot-Anon is a wonderful group and several of their members are also helpful in weaning you off the bad beer!

        Bad bear leads to bad decisions (and the next morning OMG WHO ARE YOU moments). If you’re going to sneak…at least do something that’s a bit more than Ye Olde TubWater. I would suggest something from the Belhaven family.

      • Lol, sounds better than the boot addict intervention Lill has been threatening me with…and look at you, trying to get me to drink better beer and get rid of those leprechauns – we should call this supportive self-improvement month 🙂 …J

      • Nowan Zen says:

        It’s call Prevention Intervention! No one should have that many boots or drink sad bad beer. Stick with me and you’ll have a whole new set of issues that make these pale in comparison!

      • Agreed – Jill can use all the support (and not arch) she can get! …L

      • Nowan Zen says:

        I might have to sneak in and take one boot from each pair, and leave drinkable beer in the fridge! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

  2. Happy Runner says:

    if I had known about the beer, I might have re-considered the award… Light beer, really???? LOL! (Oh and I won’t reveal that my first Canadian beer was Molson Dry , quickly followed by La Fin du Monde though!)

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