*Lill calls Jill at work*

Lill: Hey, do you think anyone will care that I’ve enjoyed an alcoholic beverage with my lunch today? I mean it is Friday and all…

Jill: Well as long as you didn’t overdo it – a business lunch often calls for something to ‘break the ice’…just make sure you don’t dawdle on the way back to your desk.

Lill: But I haven’t left my desk…

Jill: Ahh…erm…

Lill: …and my ‘business lunch’ entailed watching an hour of Simon’s Cat on YouTube…

Jill: Riiight, has anyone seen you?

Lill: Of course – how could I bring in Pina Colada mix and not be expected to share?

Jill: *Sigh* Did your manager see any of this?

Lill: No…But I did have to ask him where the blender was.

Jill: Do you think he suspects?

Lill: No, I told him the paper shredder was on the fritz.

Jill: Smooth.


About Lill and Jill

We are Lillian and Jillian; best friends and roommates. We blog to capture the seemingly trivial moments of thought and expression that make us smile; the often-times ridiculous way we see the world and how we live in it. We ask that you think well of us despite our propensity for drinking saccharine-laden alcoholic beverages, affection for 90′s boy-bands, and regular inappropriateness.

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  1. amb says:

    TGIF!! Love the way you think, Lill 🙂

  2. onegirlgeek says:

    Simon’s Cat and Pina Coladas…sounds like a great Friday lunch to me. 😀

  3. Brelatable says:

    Greaaaaaaat cover-up. 🙂 Might have to use that one for the next office party. Cheers!

    • Yes, Lill was quite pleased with herself and I’m sure would be happy to hear your intent to give it a whirl – I have no idea how she can honestly get away with drinks in the office on a Friday afternoon, but then I’m not Lillian…*sigh*…Jill

      • Brelatable says:

        She is my idol for pulling that kind of stunt. Any 9-5er would appreciate her cunning ability to making it seem like a blender was a perfectly acceptable alternative to shredding paper. Kudos! haha!

      • Cheers, I try 😀
        Though I’m pretty sure he knew it wasn’t for shredding…I wonder if that would actually work…hmmm…L

      • Brelatable says:

        Hahah! If you actually do attempt at shredding, erm, blending documents, let me know how that works out! I’m curious now, too.

      • Lol, will do 😀 …L

  4. jensine says:

    thanks for the giggle .. needed it … can I ask you girls a question … what does it mean when a guy meets you four fridays in a row and never makes a move .. he even invited himself over tonight but not move ..am I in friendville?

    • Hmm…I can’t speak for Lill on this one but yeah, you just might be…in my own experience this many dates without a budge means ‘friend’ – which can be fantastic if you ALSO want to be friends…but if not, then it’s ridiculously frustrating (especially if said ‘friend’ is super hot and you’ve spent each Friday planning the ‘after drinks’ part). I could very well be completely off base on this and if you’re into him then I really hope I am 🙂 …Jill xo

      • jensine says:

        don’t think you are … oh bummers …what now any men you can spare?

      • Lol, I wish (none of the recent bunch are airmail worthy I’m afraid) – and I’m still working on Lill’s brother so fingers crossed…I really could be wrong about this though – I do have some guy friends who are painfully shy/awkward/clueless that I know have done the 3+ dates without a move so perhaps there’s hope?…J

  5. jensine says:

    okay … story is a s follows: met him new years eve … he moved out of teh family home that day (wife and three dhildren) he was married for 13 years, together in total 20 … we had coffee (me thinking all very friendly) now four friday night meetings (not even sure they are dates) .. what is woman to think?????

    • Hmm…maybe he’s into the lack of pressure/the idea of taking things slow and keeping things friendly/casual as he’s just left a complex/high-pressure situation? He clearly enjoys your company and conversation and based upon your writing I can completely understand why – you’re probably being super attentive and supportive – a great listener with seemingly few/no expectations – as well as charming and altogether lovely (goes without saying :-). It’s a tricky spot he’s just moved away from and it would likely be trickier getting him into something new this soon so perhaps the non-date dates are really a segue to an amazing friendship that could one day blossom into more? Regardless, you could just ask him while letting him know how you’re feeling about things as a way to resolve this – I’m not big on wasting time with guys and I suck at mind games so I usually have my cards on the table as soon as I’m able 🙂 …Jill

      • jensine says:

        am so not a game playing person … so I thought him coming over tonight would at least mean a kiss .. now left with more questions than answers, oh i so suck at dating … think at some point (soon) need to put card soon the table … and thanks for all the lovely compliments

      • Lol, I feel the same way – wish it was easier…and I’m totally with you on thinking the night ‘in’ should lead to more so maybe getting some of those questions answered is a good plan. And Lill and I think you’re fabulous so the ‘compliments’ are really just more of those capital T truths 😉 …Jill

      • jensine says:

        thanks … but tell me is there really a jill and lil or are you a trench coat clad man with side burns?

      • Well, to be honest, Lillian DOES actually have very long sideburns for a woman…and I have several lovely trench coats (many of which would suit your Irish weather perfectly) – BUT if blogging our nonsense ends up alienating all of our friends and loved ones, we will deny the truth and hide behind the identity of your convenient creeper 😀 …J

  6. jensine says:

    🙂 thanks for the laugh … off to bed now sadly alone and with a heavy heart

    • *Hug* I’m pretty sure that tomorrow morning, when you’re greeted with your morning tea in that red and white polka dotted mug you’ll feel much better – anything is possible on a Saturday right? 🙂 …Jill xo

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