Lill: *Grumble*

Jill: You’re grumbling Lillian…it’s either caffeine depletion or something’s on your mind.

Lill: *Grumble* I’m bailing on Sunday dinner and my Gran’s taking it pretty hard.

Jill: Did she cry and threaten to disown you?

Lill: *Sigh* Worse, she unfriended me on Facebook.


About Lill and Jill

We are Lillian and Jillian; best friends and roommates. We blog to capture the seemingly trivial moments of thought and expression that make us smile; the often-times ridiculous way we see the world and how we live in it. We ask that you think well of us despite our propensity for drinking saccharine-laden alcoholic beverages, affection for 90′s boy-bands, and regular inappropriateness.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aw! maybe she wasn’t wearing her bifocals and just clicked on unfriend bu accident! 😦

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