Jill: Lill, there’s something wrong with my new liquid eyeshadow…can you read the label for possible side effects?

Lill: Ack! Your lids have inflated! Can you even open your eyes?!

Jill: *Grumble* If I could, would I be asking you to read the label?

Lill: *Snigger* Ah, I suspect your new liquid eyeshadow may not in fact be the problem.

Jill: That’s impossible! My face looks like Laila Ali’s punching bag!

Lill: Then perhaps you should exercise more discretion when choosing where to apply your similarly packaged lip plumper…


About Lill and Jill

We are Lillian and Jillian; best friends and roommates. We blog to capture the seemingly trivial moments of thought and expression that make us smile; the often-times ridiculous way we see the world and how we live in it. We ask that you think well of us despite our propensity for drinking saccharine-laden alcoholic beverages, affection for 90′s boy-bands, and regular inappropriateness.

13 responses »

  1. Nowan Zen says:

    Be glad it wasn’t hemorrhoid cream.

  2. jensine says:

    oohhh I was thinking super glue … by the way missed you two

  3. Sounds like something I might do, too.

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